Heart & Soul

The Business of Giving Back

“One element of our strategy is ‘purpose,’ which drives a more emotional commitment to career. In other words: We are not just pushed to make money, but also to be good corporate citizens in our community,” – a Deloitte team member

While profitable growth is essential to every company, it’s not the purpose for why your business exists.

Mission-driven companies attract mission-driven employees. Your clients want you to surround them with people who have a passionate work ethic and are dedicated to them.

Profits are not legacies.

Profits are not legacies. As the nuns who serve in the Catholic hospital systems say… No Money, No Mission. It’s your job as a business leader to run efficient, profitable businesses so you can support your clients and employees in their missions. As business leaders, you must remove the barriers that get in the way of you achieving a higher calling, instead to understand these core values and help support your people, employees, clients, and investors in fulfilling their mission.