Mindfulness is Good Business

This year 22% of employers will offer mindfulness training to their employees. Yoga, a key tool in mindfulness training, is now a $1B business meaning it isn’t just for hippies anymore. It’s mainstream, and it’s good business.

It’s mainstream, and it’s good business.

You cannot control the world around you, or what other people say and do, but through mindfulness, you can control the way you perceive the occurrences around you. Being more mindful means you stay present in your current situation and become more aware of yourself and others in the present moment. Yoga and Meditation are two tools that can help you to begin your practice towards being more mindful. The benefits in return are reduced stress, clarity of thought and improved overall health.

Their best ideas come to them during their time meditating.

Through mindfulness training business leaders have gained the ability to put their ego aside and better focus on what is best for the overall good, not just themselves. Some have also noted that their best ideas come to them during their time meditating.

There are ample research and personal testimony that shows how mindfulness training can benefit business leaders, employees and their teams in a diverse number of industries, such as finance, insurance, education, government and IT. These industries are leveraging mindfulness training to create happier and healthier employees and a more positive culture.

Business leaders are starting to look at the whole human being in the workplace; mind, body, and soul. Without embracing any one religion, integrating the tenets of spirituality and mindfulness into your core values can help create a common thread that connects everyone in the organization.