Ivo Nelson


Message From Our Founder

As a serious entrepreneur, that has started and invested in numerous companies, I found myself always seeking the knowledge of those who had already gone down a similar path.  It required a great deal of effort on my part to meet these people; my peers and mentors who had struggled with the same challenges as I did that running a business entails. After our meetings, not every part of our conversations stuck in my brain as a must-do, but there were always a few nuggets of gold I could take away and incorporate into my life and business. I saw a benefit in these meetings however I also realized it wasn’t always easy to find them.

Additionally, I taught a case study at Baylor University about a company I built and sold to IBM. While I was always impressed with the professionalism and intelligence of the students, I saw a huge gap between what they were taught and how the business worked. I could see their eyes light up when I told my real-life stories of how acquisitions worked, how decisions were made and what a humbling experience business can be.

Lastly, I reflected back on the businesses I had built and how I always tried to achieve a greater good for my clients, investors and employees. Living core values and connecting with my employees higher calling while never losing sight of my responsibility to shareholders to provide significant financial returns was not only my job but my mission.

Ivo Nelson has several business accomplishments, listed below, and founded IVO with the hopes to spread his knowledge and success to other entrepreneurs.

CEO: Healthlink; Next Wave Health – Present
Executive Chairman: Encore Health Resources; Next Wave Connect – Present
Director: Next Wave Health – Present; Global Healthcare Alliance – Present; HealthPost; Health Care Dataworks; Healthlink; Encore Health Resources; iMDsoft
Advisory Board: MedSynergies; Source Medical; SCI Solutions; Hewlett Packard; Health Growth Partners; 2M
Nonprofit: UTHealth Development Board; Texas Health Institute – Chair; HIMSS – Vice Chair; CHIME; CHIM – Chair; Finance Committee Christus Healthcare System
Ambassador: Healthcare DENMARK
Awards: E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year; Leadership Award – HIMSS; Leadership Award – CHIME; 50 in 50 (recognizing the top 50 contributors to the healthcare IT industry in the past 50 years); Inaugural winner John Glaser Innovation Award