About IVO

IVO was created to help business leaders connect with their peers, virtually (through Communities) and in-person (through Circles), to learn and grow together by sharing experiences and knowledge.

Starting and building a business is unbelievably hard, IVO provides a platform to assist you in developing relationships and having access to resources that can help you deal with stress, work/life balance, fear of failure and other challenges that aren’t taught in business school. Additionally, you will learn the importance of being authentic, having self-awareness, being mindful, showing gratitude and giving back to your community.

This is really what leadership is all about. It starts with you focusing on you.

Whether you are the entrepreneur just starting out with your first ideas or you have been operating your own company for many years now; IVO was established to give the missing pieces of business to all business leaders. Our platform bridges the gap between business leaders and their peers and mentors to provide you access to the knowledge you need to raise your consciousness and provide an environment where your business will strive.

By joining, you will not only be contributing to the success of yourself and your investors but to the greater good as well.