You can be successful in business and miserable in your personal life. But you’re not alone.

You can have a WHOLE life – one that’s balanced between the responsibilities you have to your work, employees, and customers, and the relationships you cherish between your spouse, family, kids, and friends.

IVO brings successful business leaders and entrepreneurs together into small groups of peer circles, creates coaching relationships by matching experience with inexperience and  introduces you to the new wave of conscious business practices that lead with purpose and authenticity.

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Our Shared Core Values: Responsibility To Ourselves & The People Who Matter Most.

In circles, you connect with real people who understand where you’re at in your work and personal life – because they’re right there with you. Circles are Peers – people like you. While you can’t talk to your investors, employees, customers or many times, even your spouse about the grind you feel every day, you can connect with your peers.  

Get past the challenges of work/life balance, day-to-day stress and anger at home and work – all of which cause you to feel unhealthy and unhappy.  Make a commitment to rise above all the noise so you can eat healthy and exercise, learn to relax with new tools like mindfulness and meditation and focus on your company’s higher purpose.

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IVO was created to give business leaders a safe and productive way to tackle the real issues: relationship troubles, the challenges of building a legacy for your family, finding time to take care of yourself, and more.

We’re All Fighting The Same Battles: Now There’s Support

Founded by Ivo Nelson, a serial entrepreneur who has launched 15 businesses, IVO helps entrepreneurs and business leaders connect with others to tackle the concerns that matter most. As a business leader himself, Ivo knows what it’s like to succeed in business but feel like you’re failing in your personal life. It’s rough out there, but when you’re in the trenches, a battle buddy makes all the difference. In each circle, you’ll find a group of people who have got your back, no matter what.

Through Circles, coaching and via, IVO connects you with peers who are fighting the same battles every day.

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We’re realists and know you need resources outside of our unique in-person groups. We’ve built a free social platform called My IVO where you can connect with peers and mentors from your computer without all the distracting chatter of other social platforms. No politics, no cat videos, just real-life resources from real people just like you.

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