raising the consciousness of business leaders

A holistic approach to business



IVO was created to help business leaders connect with their peers, virtually (through Communities) and in-person (through Circles), to learn and grow together by sharing experiences and knowledge.

“People are driven by aspirations that go well beyond a typical job.
They want meaning in their lives beyond the day-to-day grind. Most want to connect and contribute to something beyond themselves.

Sometimes this can be done through family, but the fact is that 50% of our waking hours during a typical day is spent at work. Many companies introduce barriers and resistance to what people desire in their higher calling. They feel like victims of business, rather than being a part of a business that supports and extends their calling even beyond what they expected.

Those business leaders who can consistently take the high road with their clients, investors and employees and lead their teams with a higher level of consciousness will be on the front end of a massive movement to change the DNA of how these organizations operate on a global level.”